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Pohectic Life Records

Founded by featured artist and CEO, Prynce P, Pohectic Life Records is a Dallas, TX independent hip-hop label.  Pohectic consists of a diverse group of artists ranging from vocal hip-hop to production, engineering and development, providing dynamic sounds and skillz of old-school hip-hop with a new school twist.

01. Prynce P has been featured on more than 75 magazines.

02. In 2006, Prynce P recorded a song for Chuck Norris and his fighting show, The World Combat League.

03. In 2012, Prynce P along with Kou and Motian, recorded a song entitled Star Crossed which was downloaded over 997,930 in less than 8 months.

04. In 2012, Prynce P collaborated with Grammy rapper, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony as their song On Fire hit 8 radio stations.

05. In 2013, Prynce P received an award from Amnesty International, Congress Woman Johnson and The House of Representatives for his single My Paradise.

06. In 2013, Prynce P’s single My Gift N Curse beat out 10,000 submissions and had his track play on 97.9 The Beat.

07. In 2014, Pohectic Life Records and The Valley of the Kings Studio recorded a song with Houston legend, Paul Wall entitled And Things Will Never Be the Same… which hit over 9 radio stations in less than 2 weeks. 

08. Pohectic Life Records released their long awaited album entitled 14 on 10/14/16 which features 34 musicians.  As of today, this is the biggest compilation hip hop album out of Dallas, Texas history.

09. In 2017, Prynce P was on the cover of Javanan Magazine (Biggest Persian magazine) in the world.  Issue #1352, December of 2017.

10. Prynce P released the biggest cypher out of Dallas, Texas featuring 14 of the hottest rappers from his city.  He named the track The Triple D Cypher which hit 4 radio stations and was featured on 6 magazines.

11. Prynce P released his single My Apology featuring his top 10 favorite rapper, K-Rino. The music video to this single won an award from The NatiVisions film festival in 2019.

12. On July 31st, 2019, Prynce P released his single Reloaded which had 24 articles written about it including The Dallas Observer.

13. On December 14th, 2020, Prynce P released his comical Christmas single entitled Rudolf – The Triple D Remix which came with an animation music video.

Prynce P and the Pohectic fam are dedicated to helping each and every artist reach their fullest potential in being a part of the Pohectic empire. Creating rhythm and beats, MUSIC, not limited to but including all genres, thoughts, styles and cultures.